Thursday, 10 May 2012

MAC cremesheen glass in Boy Bait

Hello lovelies.

Sorry I've been MIA lately, I just have been very busy with school work and haven't really had anything to share with you! I thought I'd show you one of my favourite lipglosses, MAC's boy bait.

I got this at my local CCO, at a discounted price of £12 compared to the usual £16 for a cremesheen. There are a few CCO's in the UK, so check online to see if there's one near you as they're absolutely fantastic and often have sold out LE products. I'm not sure I'd be happy paying £16.50 for any lipgloss, but I feel for £12 this is justified. It's a beige-pink, and very neutral. I love the formula of the cremesheen gloss as it's very creamy (as implied by the name!) and feels lovely on the lips. I love wearing this on 'no make up' days, to add just a bit more glamour to what would otherwise be a boring look.

What's your favourite ever lipgloss?

Thankyou for reading.


  1. Nice & good reduction too. Useful for wearing alone for a more natural look or putting over lipstick.( @ my age there is no such day as a no make up day ;-)
    My favourite neutral is Bobbi Brown in Buff; got mini one free with mag yrs ago & lastest ages & least sticky gloss of any I've tried.

    Have tried so many lipglosses over the yrs! Dior have lovely high-shine ones & I like their packaging a lot-feels very luxe.Used to like Lancome Juicy Tubes but have gone off them a bit as find them a bit sticky, not long-lasting enough & the colours all come out fairly similar despite appearing so different in the tubes.

    My current 2 fave coloured ones are:

    Benefit Back To The Fuschia

    & Estee Lauder 49 Frivolous pink.

    The 1st is not as scarily bright as it appears, comes out a lovely mid-pink but it's the coloured sparkles that do it for me.

    The 2nd is a really girly cute candy pink & the sparkle in that is stunning-it's kind if irridescent pink/gold...amazing.

    I got it as a free gift when they run their 'buy 2 products & receive a free giftset'

    Today I got a rather lovely shimmery lipgloss free from Lancome-again, it was buy 2 prods & get giftset free & I always use their foundation, so got a 2nd prod for my daughter.

    The gift was v generous & the lipgloss included is full size ( retails @ £20). It's shade 321 & is a mid pink with lots of shimmer. Really classy packaging.

    Anyway, sorry for rambling. Thanks for the blog post & try Benefit 'Back To The Fuschia'!!

    Kath xxx

    1. Thanks for commenting Kath :) The buff colour looks gorgeous, also really like the bright pink from the same line. I like juicy tubes but agree they are super sticky! I've never tried anything from Benefit or Estee lauder, so will definitely check those out next time I'm in Debenhams. I love sparkly glosses! xox