Saturday, 12 May 2012

MAC lightscapade Mineralize skin finish

Hello lovelies.

As you can probably tell, I've been loving MAC lately. I have always wanted to try a Mineralize skin finish as I love highlighters and they are famous for being excellent. With a steep price tag of £21.50 (admittedly you do get 10g of product!) I have never invested, until I went to my trusty local CCO. When I saw lightscapade for sale, I almost wet myself with sheer joy. I brought it without even swatching for £15.25, which is a bargain considering that on ebay they are selling for £34+.
So beautiful!
Lightscapade is a breath-taking blend of white, cream, blue, green, pinks and bronzes. When blended together, it all comes together in a gorgeous, glowing highlight. It can be applied lightly with a blush brush across the cheeks and down the nose for a subtle highlight, or (as I do) apply it with a finger down the nose and with a brush across the cheekbones. I love this highlight as it's so versatile and perfect for my alabaster skin, and I'm hoping to pick up a back-up before they sell out as it's my favourite makeup product right now!

Thankyou for reading.


  1. I saw this in my local Fenwicks the other day; it's gorgeous. Still available on Debenhams website but probab ly not for much longer... put it in my basket. If I am lucky enough to receive any b'day pennies, this is No.1 on my wishlist. Have only ever used Benefit Highbeam as a highlighter before but would love this one.x

    1. Debenhams is quite good sometimes for finding old stock that's sold out on the mac website. Fingers crossed you get some pennies to buy it! I've always wanted to try highbeam but the Benefit counter people at my local have always put me off - I'll be brave and take a look next time I'm in town xx