Monday, 18 June 2012

7 things for 7 days - SprinkleofGlitter's motivation week!

Hello lovelies.

So today I have a bit of a different post for you. I am a great follower of Louise at and also as SprinkleofGlitter on YouTube. Recently, she did a post about doing 7 things in 7 days. I thought this was a fantastic idea and have decided to participate.

1) Learn - I want to learn how to speak a very basic 5 words of a language. I'm thinking Japanese or Turkish at the moment.

2) Write - I want to begin either a new story or finish up one of my ongoing stories as I love to write and it's just so relaxing for me.

3) Relax - I've just had a week of exams and am definitely feeling the pressure. Thankfully we finished today but I want to try and do some relaxing baths and what not!

4) Read - I've been wanting to read more lately as I've been neglecting it lately, and since re-reading for the 3rd time 'The fault in our stars' by John Green I've decided to get back into reading.

5) Smile - Now I'm not entirely sure if this would count but it's my list so I guessed I could add anything. Sometimes I'll be on a down for weeks before I can be happy again, as I tend to be more of a Pessimist (with myself and the situation rather than other people!) so I'm hoping that smiling will make me happier!

6) Participate - I'm not a huge participator in class and social activities as I'm quite an introvert, so I thought if I try and get into things then it might be something I enjoy.

7) Spur of the moment - I want to try and do things a bit more 'in the moment' things.

I am going to start this next Monday so wish me luck!
Thanks for reading

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