Saturday, 9 June 2012

NOTD - Essie's watermelon

Hello lovelies.

I'm back with another nail of the day, just 1 day after I painted my 'nude sparkle' ones. I went shopping yesterday, and on seeing the brand new Essie stand in my local boots rushed over there and went to picking a shade. It was a close call between 'Watermelon' and 'Mint Candy Apple' but I was in more of a hot pink mood so went for 'Watermelon'. I want to go back and get 'Mint candy apple' at some point.

Watermelon is a gorgeous hot pink, cream shade with hints of red. It painted on like a dream, and I think that made the experience so, so much better. This is without a topcoat, but it's still really shiny and I can't fault the formula.

I took a couple of comparison pictures to show you the size of the brush, as when I first opened it I thought it would be impossible to paint as it's so big. In actual fact, it was the best brush I have ever used and I would buy Essie again just for the brushes! I took a photo next to a China Glaze polish (Aqaudelic if anyone's wondering!) just for comparison.

Essie polishes retail for £7.99 in Boots.
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Do you like Essie?
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  1. All essise polishes are gorgeous, and this is no exception! Gorgeous!

    Stop by and check out my blog giveaway! :)