Sunday, 28 August 2011

Soap and Glory sexy motherpucker review

This is my review of the Soap and Glory sexy mother pucker lip plumping gloss in 'candy gloss'. 
It's a pale pink lip plumper gloss, with golden glitter in it. It retails at £8.43  for 7ml from boots, and comes in a variety of flavours and colours. 
I got this in a gift set at Christmas, and it has a brush applicator, although I have seen some of the glosses have a doe-foot. The colours available are:
Candy gloss (the pale pink I have)

Pink apricot
Half naked
Yummy plum.
I have only tried the Candy gloss, but I plan to buy the Pink apricot and half naked soon. Soap and glory have great deals on at Christmas time so it's worth shopping around then.
The lip plumping effects of this gloss is not really noticeable to me, but when it's applied you can definitely feel the sharp tingle for at least 15 minutes. I find this tingling quite pleasant, but it's really a love/hate feeling. 

Before applying the plumper.
This gloss is overall a bargain at just £8.43 for a coloured gloss and plumper all in one. To me, it isn't that great a plumper, so you may be better off going for a different brand if the plumping effects are what you are looking for. But as a coloured gloss which tastes lovely, this fairs well. The particular gloss I have tastes of vanilla, or perhaps candy floss. It is a nice taste. The gloss itself is sticky and quite thick in the tube, but once applied thins
After applying the plumper.
The colour is very nice, and it is a pale pink slightly lighter then my own lips, with nice gold glitter. The glitter isn't uncomfortable at all, and can barely be felt. The stickiness is an issue, but as with MAC lipglasses, it fades after a little while. The colour lasts for around 4 hours+, so it's quite long-lasting. 

Overall, I would definitely recommend this lip plumper to anyone looking for a heavy duty gloss with a great colour and flavour. This is a great, cheaper alternative to a MAC gloss!

I hope you enjoyed this review!

See you soon, 
vanillasand xxx 



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