Friday, 26 August 2011

Urban Decay NAKED palette

Hey guys! This is my first ever blog post, so excuse me if I am fairly bad at the concept. Please go check out my youtube channel at . I plan to record my first video very soon!

So onto the review.

I brought this nude, natural palette from urban decay for £26.50 on a thomson airways flight. It retails for around £35 currently at debenhams and the house of fraser. This palette is very, VERY popular with alot of people for its excellent range of  wearable nude and natural shades. It has 12 shades (from left to right with flash on)

virgin, sin, naked, sidecar,

buck, half baked, smog, darkhorse,

toasted, hustle, creep and gunmetal.

In the uk it comes with a full sized good karma shadow brush which usually retails at £14.50 from Debenhams, and a mini primer potion in the original colour. It is a bargain, as the urban decay shadows usually retail at around £13 for a single one, so effectively you are getting (if brought at £26.50) 10 shadows free and a free full-sized brush too. Bargain!

I enjoy this palette alot, as it contains so many beautiful neutral shades ideal for everyday looks from smoky eye, to bronzed goddess, to the innocent girl. Any look is possible!

My personal favourites are sin, half-baked, smog, toasted and hustle. Here are some swatches.

From top-right, then down to 2nd row and right again
Buck  ( matte, tan brown, not very pigmented)
half baked (metallic, 24k gold, very pigmented)
smog ( metallic, dark golden tan, very pigmented)
darkhorse (metallic, dark brown, very pigmented)
(2nd row) virgin (matte, light white highlight, average pigmentation)
sin (frosty shimmer, light champagne pink, average)
naked (matte, tan, average but hard to see as it is skin toned)
sidecar ( frosty shimmer, dusky brown-tan,  good pigmentation)

toasted ( frosty shimmer, brown with golden highlights,a lot of pigmentation.)
hustle (slight gold glitter, dark choc brown,  a lot of pigmentation.)
creep (slight gold glitter, dark blue-black, average pigmentation)
gunmetal (gold glitter frost, blue with grey hints, average pigmentation).

I hope you enjoyed this review of the UD naked palette and I would definitely recommend you buy this palette if you enjoy working with smooth, easy neutral colours which you can easily create many looks with. This is great for beginners as a first palette or first eye shadow, right through to the professionals.

Thanks for reading!
vanillasand xx

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