Sunday, 27 November 2011

NOTD - china glaze ring in the red

In the bottle
This is my first ever China Glaze polish, and it did not disappoint! This is from their Christmas collection (which is gorgeous!) and it's a sparkly red with small and medium hexagonal glitters. This photo is actually very true to life, and you can see some of the sparkle. It's really very sparkly and such a beautiful Christmas shade. I originally went for ruby red pumps but my local Sally's had sold out, so I got this as the closest dupe. I've actually seen swatches comparing the two, and Ring in the red (right) is very much lighter then ruby red pumps which is more of a dark red compared to pillar-box.

So you can see it here with 2 coats. This really doesn't do the polish justice, as it looks almost see-through. With 1 coat it was really sheer, and the glitter was sparse, it looked almost pink. At 2 coats, you could see a little of the nail but in real life it was much more opaque than the picture portrays. After I took this photo, I applied another coat and it was completely opaque, so i'd recommend doing 3 coats or wearing a red polish underneath. Overall, I love this colour and would definently recommend it. The only down falls I would say are the fact it chipped within 2 days quite badly, although I'm sure a good topcoat could help (I added a matte one which helped. It also looked gorgeous matte too!). Lastly, China glaze is as far as I know, only available at Sally's in the UK which some people wouldn't have access too. Apart from that, China Glaze seems to be great.

I brought this for £6.49 at Sally's beauty supply.
Would you wear it?
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