Wednesday, 21 December 2011

December Glossybox 2011

So, I'm a little late on the bandwagon for glossybox. I'm always late posting, and this time isn't an exception. I initially missed the delivery of my box, so I had to get it redelivered on Wednesday. However, everyone's contents were different so I thought I might as well still post what I received. This post will be a little photo-heavy, so i'm sorry about that. Enjoy!

This month the glossy box was a shiny red, with the white paper squiggles inside. I loved this, and it made the whole thing seem a lot more festive then if it had been in the original packaging.
 It's very pretty! I was pleased that when I opened it, it looked pretty full. I love opening packages anyway, so a full one makes it even better! Naturally, I went for the biggest product I could see first, which was the rituals Yogi Flow foaming shower gel.
This is full size (200ml at £6.50.) It smells lovely, a not too overpowering sweet floral,  and also foams really well. I like that it isn't too expensive either, because if I do love it I can go and buy it without feeling too guilty.  I do like luxurious samples, but I'm not a huge spender on more bath and body products compared to skin care or nail polish, so this was a bonus for me.
I would say do be careful when using the nozzle. I tried to squirt some onto my hand, and it shot all over my carpet! A little goes a long way too as it is very creamy and rich (similar to a gel shaving cream!), so this should last quite a long time. From what I could see from my subscription to other bloggers, everyone got this gel. Next, I opened the nouveau lashes noir mascara. No other blogger that I'm subscribed to received this, the majority it seems, got the blink & go palette, or mascara. I admit I did look at others posts before I received my glossybox, and I was hoping to get the palette. However, after recieving this mascara i've got to say I would rather have this as I suspect the palette would've got thrown to the back of my draw never to be seen again! 

It came in this cute box, and it is very nicely packaged. The sleek black tube is quite heavy, although not overly so, just enough to give it that 'expensive' feel. It's full sized (8g) and retails for £14.99.
The brush seems quite good, thick and not too much product gathers on it. I haven't used it yet, but expect a review soon. I was in need of a new mascara, and hopefully this fits the bill!

Next is the F-A-B beauty's face cleanser. I admit I would've preferred the face base from mememe, as I have sensitive skin with acne and the face products from glossybox or that i've brought myself never seem to work for me. However, it does say on the front it removes makeup so I will give it a go. It doesn't have any scent, so I don't think it would irritate many skin types. It says it contains no parabens, harsh chemicals or colorants.  It's a sample size at 28.3g, the full size (141g) retails at £13.00.

Next is the mini cargo lip gloss in the shade Las Vegas. It is perfect for me, super sheer with just a hint of pinky-peach with lots of golden sparkle. I think I'm going to wear this on Christmas for just a hint of sparkle, as I'm not a huge fan of colours on my lips (I love them on other people but it looks ridiculous on me!). It's not sticky at all so I'm not sure how long it will last on the lips, but the colour isn't crazy so it shouldn't take too much effort to apply. This is 0.45g and the full size retails at £10.00. I couldn't find how much the full size contains anywhere.

Badly swatched, it's basically a pale pink with lots of pretty sparkle!

Lastly, the real gem of this box was a mini Deborah Lipmann polish in razzle dazzle with 1 stripper to go nail remover mitt. I was so excited about this because I've never tried a polish from Deborah Lipmann, and this colour is perfect for the holiday season. It's a dark wine coloured base, with lots of raspberry small glitters. It is gorgeous! This photo is pretty true to life. I'm not sure if I'd like the base on it's own as a colour, but paired with the glitter it's phenomenal! The little glass bottle is very cute too, and you get 9ml of product. The full size is £16, so I am very happy with this little one!

Lastly, there is the Deborah Lipmann stripper to go lavender nail lacquer remover finger mitts. I have never tried these, but they are allegedly supposed to help remove glitter polishes easily, and these particular ones are supposed to be used with the notorious Lipmann polishes (hard to remove!) You get 1 mitt, and for the full size (6 mitts) it is £14. I wouldn't pay this much for nail remover personally, but they're a nice luxurious treat to go with the polish.

Overall, I am really impressed with this months glossybox and am glad I continued with my subscription after the fairly average November box (hence no blog about it!) I hope you enjoyed reading this, and please comment any ideas for new posts! Thanks for reading


  1. The nail polish is just perfect for this time of the year, very festive

  2. @maya yeah I agree :) Glossybox did very well with this one. I'm actually wearing it right now, it's just beautiful! Debating whether to wear it on Christmas day or to stick to china glaze's ring in the red like i'd planned. Thankyou for reading xx