Friday, 23 December 2011

Favourite youtuber of the month! Fashionrocksmysocks

I thought since I'd started up my blogging again, I'd start a new series about the favourite people I enjoy watching on YouTube. I do have an account, but I tend not to post as I have more of a passion for blogging so I use my account to keep up to date with the people I really enjoy watching!

So for my first month, I have chosen a girl called Rhiannon, otherwise known as fashionrocksmysocks.

She is so genuine and does fantastic videos. She study's fashion and has an amazing fashion sense with a bit of individuality, but she isn't selfish about her style ideas. Alot of people with a great idea tend to try and keep it to there selves, whereas she does great DIY videos about how to create your own items.

I find her as a person a little less mainstream, and a little more quirky which I absolutely love in a person and style.  My favourite video of hers is her shoe collection (I love her style and I'm generally a shoe person) and also I get to ogle her beautiful tattoo.
I also love how she always wears her scarves as hair bands, and she inspires me in a lot of how I style my clothes.

Thankyou for reading and please comment if you like this idea for a series, or if you also enjoy Rhiannon's channel!

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