Friday, 27 July 2012

Body Shop Body Butters

Hello lovelies.

Today I have a review of a very popular product, the Body Shop Body Butters. I have 3 different 'flavours' and I love all of them. 

The Coconut is a lovely summer scent and reminds me of holidays as I think it slightly leans towards the more 'sunscreen' scent which I personally love. They also do this butter with shimmer so anyone who's wanting to look a little glam can choose this option. It's very thick and I love this for my legs, feet and particularly dry patches.

The vanilla was a Christmas limited edition, but I picked this up in the January sales for £3 so watch out for offers around any holidays. It's slightly thinner then the other two formulas so I use this all over my body, and the scent is very subtle which is nice if I am wearing a perfume on top of it.

The last butter I have is also the newest addition to the line, the chocolate 'chocomania' scent. It smells like sweet chocolate and is absolutely gorgeous. I love this one and it's such an addictive and comforting smell. They also do this in a shower gel, lotion, and soap so if you love the scent you can get other products to accompany it!

Overall I love the Body Shop in general and the body butters are worth the hype as they are wonderfully moisturising and available in a ton of different scents from the fruity to the sweet.

The Body butters retail for £12.50 but are constantly on sale so I'd personally wait until then and get yourself a bargain!

Thankyou for reading!

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