Sunday, 11 March 2012

Mini Lush haul!

Hello lovelies. 

So, with the valentines product soon-to-be-gone I decided to do a small order with lush. As some of you may know I am a huge fan of lush and their products.

The first things I got were 2 magic mushrooms. And no, not the kind you're thinking of! These are strawberry and cream scented bubble bars. You crumble half or the whole one, if you're feeling luxurious, under running water and you get huge fluffy bubbles. I love this so much and it goes perfectly with the (discontinued) Strawberry feels forever massage bar. They are £2.45 each.

Next, I got 2 leap frogs. These are bath bombs which smell like jasmine, sandalwood and rose. To me they smell like a gorgeous, powdery, jasmine. They are just the perfect relaxing bath scent for me! Also I love how they look in the bath, the little surprise inside and also the bath melt lips. They are just so cute! They are £2.75 each.

I also got a hot milk bubble bar. This is a limited edition, January retro product. This means it is only available in January (although they are usually sold until they run out of stock, hence why they're still being sold now!) online at . It is supposed to smell like hot milk and orange, but honestly it just smells like chamomile to me. If you have ever used the aqua marina face cleanser from lush, it smells exactly the same to me. I have heard from other people that they smell orange though, but to be honest I'm a teeny bit disappointed with this. I'll see how it is in the bath though! It is £3.20. 

Next is 100g of Daddy-O shampoo. This is for my mum for her mothers day gift box, as she wanted some purple shampoo and of course I turned straight to lush. Not much to report on this, it just is supposed to keep the brassiness from blonde, bleached hair. It smells like violets, and the same as the disconned bathos bubble bar! This is £4.75 for 100g.

Lastly, is the retro marzibain bubble bar. This is so yummy! It smells just like almond marzipan, but so much better. It is supposed to smell like the snowcake soap, but honestly it is just so much nicer to me. Makes lovely creamy bubbles too. I wish this was available in stores so I could always have one in my stash. This retails for £3.25. 

They also gave me the little Ro's Argan body conditioner sample which I requested. It is so nice and smells just like my favourite, Rose jam. I am so pleased with my whole order and they packaged it so nicely. 

Have you tried any of these products? 
What's your favourite lush product?

Thankyou for reading.

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