Monday, 5 March 2012

Roaccutane diary - Week 2.

Hello lovelies!

So, I finally went to the dermatologist after waiting for over 3 months for my appointment. I researched lots and lots in the waiting time as I wanted to be able to ask about Roaccutane because quite honestly I've tried a lot of antibiotics and prescription medicines, and none have worked. So when the appointment finally came around and I was prescribed Roaccutane. It is somewhat of a wonder drug judging from other's experiences.

I wasn't expecting to be prescribed straight away as after being on 2 different oral antibiotics (tetracyclines and something else) and numerous face products. I'm on 3 20mg capsules a day.

My mum and dad were fully supportive of me taking Roaccutane as they know how much having acne bothers me and they want me to be happy. I told them of the side effects and we were given a booklet too. I was quite surprised as I was given the tablets before having a blood test and took them for a day. I went back the following day to have my blood taken and haven't heard anything back so I am assuming that either the results aren't back (likely) or it's good news. They have to take the blood to monitor liver enzyme levels, triglyceride's (fats), cholesterol and blood sugar levels.

I was so thrilled to be given the drug. My skin really is a large factor in my life and I don't think anyone can truly understand how it effects someone until they've experienced it themselves. I often feel incredibly self-concious and hold back because I am embarrassed about my skin. I don't really talk to anyone about it but I know that I could if I ever feel the need. I would say my acne is moderate, definitely not mild but not quite severe. I'm not confident enough to post any photos yet, but if you would like one with the update next week then please comment and let me know.

So, if you're reading this you are most likely on Roaccutane (called accutane in the states), and you know that the side effects are pretty damn bad. The most common are extremely dry skin and lips, inflamed skin, muscle ache, and your acne getting worse at first. At the most extreme there are cases of suicide. You CAN'T get pregnant whilst on Roaccutane. There is a huge chance of deformities in your baby and when you get prescribed you have to either sign a form saying you aren't sexually active or you have to use/take 2 types of contraception. You can look up online the entire list of side effects online.

Personally, after 2 weeks I have noticed some changes, although none in the state of my acne. I've been getting very dry lips and skin around the acne itself and my nose too. I've been using some Avene extremely rich compensating cream for around the nose and just the rich compensating cream for my actual face. I went into boots and asked the guy to help me, and luckily he had used Roaccutane before and recommended it. He gave me a couple of samples so perhaps you could ask in your local store. It's a bit of a dilemma as I don't want to be adding a ton of product to my face and clogging it up, but if the product is non-comodegenic than  it's pretty much fine. The Avene products have been working very well. For my lips I've been using carmex and Burt's bees, but it hasn't been working. I need to try and find a good lip balm! I use cream regularly on them.  They are suffering the worst. It's hard to explain the tight feeling, but you know those fake tattoos you'd have as a kid, and they'd be all tight and horrible? It's a little like that. If I move my mouth I can feel it stretching and chapping. I've been adding some of the Avene cream to my lips too, and it's been helping a little. They are beginning to crack in the middle and especially the sides. I hope I don't end up with a joker mouth!
The muscle pain hasn't been too bad, just a bit more achey and creaky than usual but nothing I can't handle.

I think that's pretty much it! I apologise for the huge amount of words and distinct lack of photos but I hoped you enjoyed this post never the less.

Are you on Roaccutane?
What was your experience?
Thankyou for reading.

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