Sunday, 25 March 2012

Maybelline Color Tattoo cream shadows

Hello lovelies.

So, sorry for the fact I've been MIA lately. I've been a little under the weather with illness and also had family visiting this week, and haven't really found the time or indeed felt like blogging. I went shopping today though, and picked up some of the new shadows. It's currently 3 for 2 in Boots across all makeup, and 3 for 2 on maybelline products in Superdrug. These products have been hailed as the drugstore alternative to MAC paint pots, which I've yet to try. Some have even said they're better, so I knew I had to try them. 

The 3 shades I brought are (If I don't have the shades you want to see, my friend has a great blog post with some of the other colours here) : 

Eternal Gold (05)
Permanent taupe (40)
On and on Bronze (35)

Left - heavily swatched, Right-blended out.

Starting with my favourite is On and on Bronze. Firstly, can I express my immense anger that currently in the Uk we only have 6 shades? I envy you Americans, I want to try Tenacious teal and too cool. Anyway, this colour is absolutely amazing. It is a highly pigmented, smooth, creamy formula which blends easily and WILL NOT budge. As you can see it is a shimmery brown. 
On the right was blended out ALOT, this photo makes it
appear more sheer then it is.
Next is a matte shade called Permanent taupe. As you may have guessed, it's a brown-grey with slight purple undertones. This shade proved the most difficult for me to find, and I had to hunt through 3 shops before I found it tucked away in my Superdrug. However, it was worth it. It's not often you find a matte cream eyeshadow from the high street, so this is very unusual Again, it's highly pigmented. I find this one is slightly more patchy on the first swipe, so I would definently feel I had to build the colour more than the Bronze shade. Still very pretty though. 

Lastly is Eternal Gold (this swatch is terrible, but it is honestly very pigmented and closer to the pan colour). This is very pretty, and my 2 year old nephew picked this as his favourite. He loves make-up. This one got quite sheer when blended, but is very nice for a wash of glittery gold or to be packed on to make an intense gold. It's beautiful.

These are just some photos of the products in the pots, to give you an idea of what they look like before swatched.

        Eternal gold   

 Permanent taupe

On and on Bronze

Have you tried any of the Color tattoo's?
Which is your favourite?

Thankyou for reading.


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