Saturday, 7 January 2012

My January lusts!

Hey lovelies.
So, it's late at night and I really wanted to do a post, but my camera is out of battery and in light of my recent 'favourites' videos I didn't think now was exactly the right time for another. So, I thought that perhaps you guys would like to see some of the stuff I'm lusting after in January. I hope you enjoy.

This oversized knit cardigan from Topshop is just perfect for my style right now. At the moment I'm more into comfy knits or a more 'alternative' style. I've been wanting knitwear with this style and colour for a long time, but at almost £40 it's a little expensive. A girl can dream right?

Next is MAC's lipstick in Cyber. It's an intense, vampy purple. Since I've began watching Youtube's 'fashionrocksmysocks' (Check favourite you tubers post here ) I've really loved her style and wanted to recreate it.  I know this is probably one of those 'woah' colours for alot of you because I know it definitely was for me until I began to get a little more confident with my style. I think it's beautiful!

Next are these leather moccasin's from Topshop. (again!) I really love moccasins despite not  owning any and these are perfect. They are only £25 reduced from £52 in the sale right now too, but they didn't have my size. Damn my feet for being a bog-standard and always-sold-out size 5!

Next are these colour tattoo eye shadows from Maybelline. The reason these are lusts and not actual products-in-my-hand are that they're not available in the UK yet. I recently saw Amarixe's rave about them and they look absolutely phenomenal. They are basically a drug store version of the MAC paint pots which I've yet to try, for a fraction of the price. They offer the same, if not better (apparently), quality then the MAC paint pots, and come in great colours. Pretty great if you ask me.

Now, I can say these aren't just a lust but on their way too me as we speak (or you read!) I told my mum that office were having an online sale with their shoes, and helped her pick out some knee high riding boots with a heel. I had said to her a couple of days ago about how I had a real distinct lack of shoes, and she decided to treat me to these! Now, I don't often buy myself shoes, and especially not boots as they tend to be more expensive then normal shoes. These were from Dorothy Perkins in the sale, reduced from £60 to £30! I need some sturdy, black riding boots and these seem perfect.

Next we have this blush from Maybelline. Now, I can say I'm not a huge fan of blush. My redness caused from my acne around the cheek area means it's not hugely flattering on me so I don't often wear it unless I'm looking exceptionally pale. This however looks so cool. It's literally bouncy (check macbarbie07's favourites) and I would seriously buy it just to poke it all day. Aside from cool texture, it apparently gives a really nice, blend-able colour. I say apparently because they're only available in the US right now.

Lastly we have another make up item, oh so famous Revlon lip butters. They're a recent release in the US (Damn you lucky Americans!) They have the texture of a lip balm, but deliver the pigmentation of a lipstick. They've been compared to the MAC sheen supreme lipsticks, and they're something I've always wanted to try. These butters come in a great selection of colours and I am desperate to get my hands on them!

I hope you enjoyed this post and let me know what some of your lusts for this month are!
Thankyou  for reading.


  1. I really want to try Cyber and the Lip Butters! I think when I do my next Back2Mac I might pick up Cyber. :)

  2. Yeah the lip butters look amazing, I can't wait until they come to the UK! I ended up getting media instead of cyber as I chickened out, but it is so pretty. x