Monday, 2 April 2012

My favourite lush products!

Hello my lovelies.

I thought I'd do a lovely lush post today, as you may well know I am obsesses with lush. I was unsure of what to do, so I thought I'd do my favourites. I've tried to narrow it down to one thing from each subject, e.g. one bubble bar, but I appreciate I have perhaps over-run on some of the categories. Some of the things from lush I haven't really dabbled in either, so there may not be some types of products such as hair care. I hope you enjoy this post!

Bubble bar

Bubble bars are arguably my favourite product from lush. They are the bath product I use the most often, and probably enjoy the most too. I found it incredibly hard to narrow down to one, but these are the creme de la creme for me.

My favourite has to be Rose Jam. This is a macaroon-shaped, sweet, rosy, jamy bar of wonder. Although it's slightly more expensive than most bubble bars of it's size, it is worth every penny since it's so lovely and it is packed full of expensive rose oils and other doo-das. You get two baths of sweet, silky, fragrant, bubbly wonder. Honestly, if you haven't tried this already, please do!

My second favourite is a tear-up between Magic Mushrooms (Valentines day LE) and Marzibain (retro.) Marzibain is a gorgeous, marzipan scent which leaves a lovely feeling to the skin. It is my comfort bath. Magic mushroom is utterly amazing, leaving the bath a red delight. My dad also loves this one.

Bath Ballistic

Undoubtedly my favourite ballistic from lush is twilight. It is a relaxing, purple and blue bomb packed full of lavender to help me sleep. I love having this in a steaming bath right before bed and watching the colours change and glitters swirl. Often I'll buy a twilight and leave it in my room next to my bed for a few days before I use it, to comfort me and help me sleep.

Also I do love a dragons egg - it's rather spectacular!


Now this category is very easy for me: Porridge is the only real love of mine! The scent is to die for; especially when fresh. I do prefer when the oats are just in a layer on the top rather than all the way through, as I do find them a little too scrubby sometimes. Oh, you need to try this!

Face product (cleanser)

I don't often use anything apart from cleansers and face masks from lush, so this was quite an easy choice for me. Aqua marina is so amazing, perfect for my dry and sensitive skin. I just love this.

Shower Gel

I have tried not to mention too many Limited Edition products, but there's only one real fav shower gel of mine from lush: Fruity Beauty. It was a forum party product in 2011 (or perhaps very early 2012) and smells of gorgeousness. It's pineapple, raspberry, and vodka. Please someone tell me what's not to love?! Ugh this is to die for. In the regular line it'd have to be happy hippy for me, which is also amazing but not quite up to the FB standard.

And those are all my favourite products! I love lush and it's ethics and products. I hope you enjoyed this post, and please comment and follow if you like my posts!

What are your favourite lush products?

Thankyou for reading.

P.s My thanks to google images for providing me with my images used in this post!

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