Tuesday, 14 August 2012

August glossybox!

Hello lovelies.

Today I have a glossybox post for you all. I have been subscribed to glossy-box for quite some time now and I think this is one of their best boxes yet. 

This month had an 'international' theme, so it contained 5 products from around the world that are considered cult products. It also had an extra glossybox personal extra, which was nice. 

The first item was these false nails, from impress manicure. I was so excited to receive these as I have been wanting to try them for the longest time. 

This was considered the favourite from America, which I'd agree with. I am not such a huge fan of the design, which is called Over the moon, but I am more just eager to try the brand. These were full size, and retail for £7.99 (24 nails).

Next is this eyeshadow palette, by Vera Valenti. It is from Spain and retails for £3.85. I am a bit unsure on why you'd need 4 greens and green is also my least favourite colour so I don't think I'll be using them that much. The neutrals are nice, although not overally pigmented. I'm looking forward to testing this out! 

Next is this mini (and very cute!) makeup remover from DHC. It is a Japanese brand, and I am so excited to try this! You massage it onto dry skin and it dissolves makeup. The full-size retails for £18.50

Next is this clear nail varnish from Allesandro, a German brand. It is basically to combat yellow-looking nails and make them look white and shiny. This is a cute little mini, and the 10ml full size is £7.85. 

The last international product was Lipcote, from the UK! It's basically a clear lip-seal to put over your lipstick, and it'll hold the lipstick in place for a lot longer. I haven't tried this before but have heard alot about it. 

The applicator is a bit different, like a nail polish brush. I am excited to try this out. The full size retails for £3.99, which isn't bad at all! 

Lastly, I have this extra glossybox product. It's a lipstick in 'Glossy Pink'. It's quite a mature colour, rosy with a mauve undertone. 

It swatched nicely, and it's creamy and pigmented. I am not sure how much use I will get out of this, but it's a nice touch and of nice quality too. 

Overall, I was very pleased with my August Glossybox.

Thankyou for reading!



  1. how is the DHC cleansing oil? I`ve been meaning to try it as well.xx


    1. It's pretty good! I tried it yesterday and you don't have to use that much, and it takes the makeup on your face right away. I wouldn't pay £18 for it though, because I'm really happy with my lush ultrabland at the moment and feel that the ultrabland gives a slightly deeper cleanse. I'll definitely use the sample though! x