Sunday, 12 August 2012

Lusts of the week!

Hello lovelies.


Long time, no see! I am glad to be back and have just ordered some awesome, rose-gold heels from Topshop which I'm excited to share with you. I was unsure what to blog about but have been browsing on asos and alot of other clothing and makeup sites so thought I would show you my favourite items!

First is this Topshop cream blush in Neon Rose, a bright orangy neon colour. I used to be SO afraid of blush, that I literally would worry about applying it for fear of looking like a clown but now I have a new brush I love them. I have heard a ton of hype around it and am curious about the whole cream-blush thing so can't wait to try this. Only £6 too!

I have suddenly got 'into' shoes again, and of course there's no avoiding the Jeffrey Campbell 'Lita's online, so I found these cheaper dupes on ebay. They are quite high and a bit edgy, so they're probably not some peoples taste but they are right up my street! For me shoes, jewellery and bags are how I express my true personality and I looove the spikes. They're not a super-bargain at £27.99 but I feel like they're worth it.

Next I have the Vitalumiere aqua foundation from Chanel. This is most definitely high-end at £32, but after reading many a rave review I have decided to take the plunge next month. I am sorely in need of a decent foundation that's lightweight enough for school, but with a decent amount of pigmentation to cover my acne scarring. I think this will be perfect!


This is a piece of jewellery from Asos. I am so into rose-gold and spikes, so this is literally the perfect piece for me. It's not too expensive at £8 and I am almost most definitely going to get this when I get my allowance.

Lastly I have a beauty product, also from Asos. These are the Korres lip butters, and they were recently reviewed by FleurDeForce here . I want the mango flavour as my lips have been super dry lately and these sound lovely! They are only £9 too, which I feel is a justifiable price.


All the links to the products are here, if you click the product name it will automatically take you to the site.

Spike heeled shoes - Ebay

Rose-Gold spike bracelet - Asos

Korres Lip Butters - Asos

Chanel Vitalumiere aqua - Debenhams

Neon-Rose cream blush - Topshop


Thankyou for reading.


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