Thursday, 16 August 2012

Benefit Hervana blush - swatches and review!

Hello lovelies.

Today I have another review of one of my purchases from the Brighton escapades, Hervana blush by Benefit.

I was in Boots, and my dad wanted a primer to fill in his wrinkles which was an utterly bizarre request considering my dad's normal behavior (Picture this; my dad is 47, a builder and strictly a manly man.) A benefit lady overheard, and thought I was the one after a primer. I then got dragged, not unwillingly, to have my makeup done at the counter. The lady (I didn't catch her name but she was short, very nice with black hair!) applied some of the face products and then Hervana. I was in Heaven, and proceeded to buy it later that day!

Hervana is a mix of 4 shades; a dark berry, a peach, a pink and a white highlight. When mixed, they make a very light pink with subtle shimmer running throughout. Did I mention it smells DIVINE?! I can't get over the scent, I will open it and smell it (I'm a little ashamed to admit that!)

When applied to the skin, Hervana becomes a warmish pink perfect for lighter skin tones like myself. I think this would be a little chalky on darker tones, but I found it perfect for a noticable blush but not overally so. It also builds nicely, and I appreciate in the photo it looks barely noticeable. You'll just have to trust me when I tell you that!

Benefit boxed powders retail for £23.50 which to me is very high (more than Nars at £21) but for this particular blush, its definitely worth it. 

I love the retro packaging, the scent and the brush included is a decent offering. I am very pleased!

You can buy Hervana for £23.50 from Debenhams here

Thankyou for reading.

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