Monday, 13 August 2012

Topshop Rose-Gold heels

Hello lovelies. 

Today I have a really exciting post for you all! I recently ordered some rose-gold heels from Topshop in the sale, and I was thrilled when they got delivered. 

The colour as I've said is rose-gold, which is very trendy right now. They are metallic but not sparkly, and I think would be best paired with a simple outfit like a black dress or some shorts and a white t-shirt to add a touch of 'bling'. 

They aren't the easiest to walk in as the heel is 4.5 inches, with a stiletto design but honestly I NEVER wear heels and I can walk in them, so an experienced heel walker will have no problems.

 I think some gel inserts in the bottom would be your best bet to stop the dreaded heel-ache but apart from the section at the bottom where the slope meets the flat, these are quite comfortable.

Apologies for my awkward leg shot (I was indeed wearing shorts!) but you can see how they look when being worn. They really add some glamour to an outfit, and flatter your legs too as you can see they create that 'toned' line down the middle. 

Overall, I am really impressed with these heels from Topshop. I love the colour, heel and price too! They are only £20 in the sale, reduced from £48 so you are really getting a bargain. You can buy them here, but I would snap them up quickly if you are interested! 

Thankyou for reading!



  1. Wow! These shoes are beautiful, and they look really awesome on you! I really like your blog so I followed(: If you like you can check out my blog, I hope that you follow back:D xxx

    1. Thankyou! I am so happy with them. I'll check out your blog in just a sec :)

    2. I tried to follow but couldn't find a button. I really liked your blog though x

  2. Thank you so much!:D you don't need buttons, I just use the reading list on the blogger dashboard - you can copy and paste the web address into it(: xxx

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  4. hi Are these shoes still available do you know?
    NEEEEDDDD some lol