Monday, 9 April 2012

Lush Shower Jellies.

Hello lovelies.

I hope you have been enjoying my posts lately. I am going to be doing a giveaway soon, but am waiting for around 10-20 subscribers so it's worth it. I have been posting quite a lot, and it seems you guys enjoy my lush posts the most. I love lush (as I've said numerous times) and it's quite fun for me to write all about it.

Anyway, I think the jellies from lush are such a fun, unique and also functional product. I have 5 to talk about today:

  • Whoosh £3.50/100g
  • Sweetie Pie £2.95/100g
  • Joy of Jelly (Recently discontinued) 
  • Iced wine (Retro xmas this year)
  • Jilted elf (Xmas this year)
Shower Jellies are basically solid soap/shower gel, which you use by either getting a chunk and rubbing it into a loofah, or using the whole thing and rubbing it like soap. I personally prefer using the whole thing as it's a bit of a faf using a loofah for me personally, although I do find it generates more bubbles that way. 

Firstly, Whoosh and Sweetie Pie are from the permanent range. Whoosh smells like lime, lemon and grapefruit and also contains seaweed gel which is soothing for the skin. Sweetie Pie, as you may expect, is very sweet and smells like the comforter bubble bar also from lush (blackcurrant, cherry.) I love both of these, and need to purchase some more as I used them all up! 

Sweetie Pie

Next is Joy of Jelly, which was recently disconned. This smells like Sex Bomb bath ballistic, which is a very perfumey jasmine scent. It's absolutely gorgeous with all the marbled lilac and purple, and is also one of my favourite smells. If you do want to try any of the disconned or seasonal products, I recommend heading to or lush limited on facebook to trade with another lushie. Be warned though, you can sometimes get a bad egg who messes up a swap so just do some checks before hand.

Lastly are Iced Wine and Jilted elf. Iced wine smells like very strong fruit, and I hated this at first. Now however I have come to like it, and enjoy it to wake me up in the mornings. Jilted elf smells like alcoholic fig, which is a very interesting scent. I was not entirely sure, and even now I either love it or am a bit 'meh' about it. It is very softening though, and the glitter throughout makes it look very pretty. 
L-R: Joy of Jelly, Jilted Elf, Iced Wine. 

Overall, I love the jellies and they are good value for money too. 

Have you tried any lush jellies? 

Thankyou for reading. 

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