Saturday, 14 April 2012

MAC Cranberry eyeshadow.

Hello lovelies.

Very true to life in pan.
I've had this shadow for a while, and it was the first MAC product I ever brought. I originally planned on getting 'All that Glitters' but this caught my eye and I loved it. It is a true burnt cranberry shade, and is so amazingly pigmented considering it's a frost. It glides on and creates a gorgeous colour on the eyes. It was perfect for Autumn when the Cranberry trend was around, although you could use it any time of the year because, after all, rules are made to be broken!
On the Left a heavy swatch, on the right blended.

MAC shadows retail for £12.00 for 1.5g or £10.00 for a 1.5g Pro-Palette refill.

What's your favourite eyeshadow?
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  1. This is a lovely shade. I have just the one Mac eye shadow as I have enough Urban Decay shadows to last a lifetime!
    But I do like it, it's a frosted one like this which is a golden/rust colour. Kath xxx

    1. I love Urban Decay shadows, they're some of best if you ask me! I love the browns from MAC though xx

  2. Very tempted to get this shadow! It's a gorgeous colour xox

    1. I love it! Easily the best shadow I've ever tried for pigmentation too xx