Monday, 16 April 2012

MAC Sketch eyeshadow

Hello lovelies.

In the pan
I only own two MAC eyeshadows, and I received this one as a Christmas present from my parents. It's a gorgeous deep purple shade, which is very red based. It has a few red glitters, but they are barely noticeable when it's applied. When I first got this shade, it was not pigmented at all. It looked really quite bad, but then I took a pair of old tweezers (not the best tool but hey) and scraped the top layer off. I don't know what happened, whether it was old stock or a bad batch but now it's so pigmented! I love this but saying that I don't find myself wearing it too much because it's quite dark.
Left - Heavily swatched, Right - Blended out, Far right - random product!
Mac shadows retail at £12.00 for 1.5g or £10.00 for 1.5g in the Pro-Palette pan.

Do you like the look of sketch?
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  1. So pretty! Love the shade!

    PS. We’ve a $75 Giveaway to PLNDR on our blog! Check it out, if you’d like :)

    ox from NYC!


    1. Thanks :) I'll check that out, thanks for reading x