Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Sleek Pout Polishes

Hello lovelies. 

*Just a little update* I know I promised that you guys would get to see a review of the MAC tendertone on one of my recent posts but it turns out that even though they're still showing as in stock (2 days after I ordered), they're not. So I guess for the time being there will not be any tendertone post (I'm gutted I won't get to try it!) but my other MAC product I ordered was shipped today, so expect that soon.

Anyway, on to the review of the Pout Polishes. I am a huge fan of sleek because they offer affordable, quality products for everyone, no matter what ethnicity. These 2 babies are the reason I fell in love with the brand. They retail for £4.30 and are available in Superdrug stores.
L-R Peach Perfection & Pink Cadillac

The first one I picked up was Peach Perfection from Superdrug, and I mainly did so because the packaging reminded me of a MAC lip conditioner. They have an AMAZING, very heavy vanilla scent which I feel like some people might hate but I absolutely love. I wear Peach Perfection all the time, and it gives a fantastic sheen and slight colour to the lips which is perfect for everyday.They are both very pigmented, and I was shocked at how much so. I had heard Pink Cadillac was awesome too, so I picked that one up later on. I don't get as much wear out of this one as I feel it's sometimes too bright but they are both such pretty colours. They have 11 colours available online, but I think that they are not all available in stores.

Lightly swatched (L-R) Peach Perfection & Pink Cadillac.

Overall, I think these are an amazing budget buy for anyone wanting a highly pigmented, moisturising, yummy   lip conditioner. They don't have an amazing lasting time but they are a lip balm after all. I am definitely going to be picking up some more of these; namely Frosting and Electro Peach! 

What's your favourite tinted lip balm?

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  1. I love these :) they smell so good too! x

    1. I love the smell, I wish they made sweets in the same smell! Thanks for reading xx

  2. I love Sleek, I have 'peach perfection' but they taste a bit freaky don't they! xxx

    1. Haha I quite like the taste although it kinda reminds me of a car airfreshener! x x

  3. Ooh, they sound good & like the pricetag. Love the one on the right especially & ill look out for it! x