Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Pink dip-dye

Hello my lovelies.

This post may not be what it seems. Due to an incredibly strict school where I would be shot if I dared  to so much as stray away from any natural colour (I get told off for dyeing my hair blonde!) I can't do this permanently. So, instead I brought a coloured hair spray. I wanted a pastel pink, but due to lack of product I was forced to buy this one from WithIt. It was £3.99 and they (StarGazer) did pink, blue, purple, and fluro yellow. If you don't have a Withit where you live, Lee Stafford do coloured hairspray which is sold in boots although my local didn't stock it (if you look online I'm sure you can find any number of coloured sprays!).You just spray the can evenly through your hair where you want it. The longer you hold it on one spot (or if you hold it closer) the brighter the colour. On blonde, bleached hair this is the result! 

A word of warning, this does leave your hair dry and it does transfer slightly onto clothes so no white tops ladies. When you spray it on make sure you do so nowhere near anything white & put a towel or old top on. Bear in mind it does wipe off with baby wipes or a cloth so don't worry too much if you get it somewhere. Overall, I absolutely love it and will be using this pretty damn often!

Have you ever dyed your hair?
What colour have/would you like to dye it?

Thankyou for very kindly reading. 

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