Monday, 9 April 2012

Rimmel Scandaleyes mascaras - reviewed.

Hello lovelies. 

My mum is somewhat clueless about make-up, and she tends to grab whatever is on display in the store. This sometimes can be a good thing though, and she recently picked up both the regular and extreme black versions of the new(ish) scandal-eyes mascara from Rimmel which I had been wanting to try.  It retails for £6.99, which isn't too expensive. 


The packaging is okay, it seems Rimmel is going with the bright orange theme which is included in the wake me up foundation too (review coming soon.) Now, I must say the brush is absolutely huge. I tend to go for smaller, thinner brushes as I like a long but voluminous finish. The brush makes it difficult to catch the lashes on the sides, and I find myself using a different mascara to get into the nooks and crannies of the eyelashes. I also get that annoying dotted line on the top lash where the formula is pretty wet. 

2 coats of extreme black. 

I can honestly see no different whatsoever between the normal and 'extreme black' one, so I wouldn't buy both. Overall, this mascara is okay but by no means does it beat my favourite lash accelerator. It tends to clump the lashes together quite a bit, and they appear quite spiky and straight. 

Have you tried scandaleyes?
What's your favourite mascara?

Thankyou for reading. 

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